151 thousand and 46 female youngsters leave education

leave education

Abbas Soltanian, the Second Deputy Director of Secondary Schools in the Ministry of Education, announced that 151 thousand and 46 girls had left school this year. He stated that if we calculate the entire educational population, from 2017-2018, the number of female students who did not register at any base, don’t have any profile registered, and are not considered a student at all, is 151 thousand and 46 in total. He added that if we were to compare the statistics in 2015-2016, about 4.29 percent female students have left education. In response to the question that whether female students are dropping out more than male students, he said that in overall, the graduation rate was 4.23 percent in the academic years of 2016-2017 and if we count, only 4.17 percent of them were female students. In another words, female students are dropping out and leaving education more than the male students. (Ilna state-run News Agency- June 25, 2018)