45 years behind bars and 222 lashes for the Dervishes

Great Tehran Penitentiary

Sentences for nine suspected dervishes in the 3rd brigade of the Great Tehran Penitentiary has been issued by the judges, Salavati and Ahmadzadeh of the Revolutionary Court. According to the report, the sentences are as below:

Mostafa Rahsepar: 7 years behind bars, 74 lashes

Jahangir Haghani: 7 years behind bars and 74 lashes

Abolfazl Baba Hosseini: 7 years behind bars and 74 lashes

Arash Moradi: 7 years behind bars

Asghar Mohammadi: 7 years behind bars

Mehdi Eskandari: 6 years behind bars and 2 years ban on leaving the country

Ghasim Zamani: 3 years behind bars

Nader Yavari: 6 months behind bars

Emad Goodarzi: 6 months behind bars

On February 19, 2018, police and plainclothes in coordination with each other, attacked the dervishes who had gathered to protest the arrest of a dervish at the police station of 102 Pasdaran Street. In this attack hundreds of the dervishes were arrested including 60 women. Till now more than 400 men are detained at the Great Tehran Prison in Fashafuyeh and 11 women detained at Qarchak Prison in Ray City.