Chief Justice of Iran threatens Bazaar merchants with execution

Tehran's Bazar

Following the general strike of Tehran’s Bazar against the dollar hike and high prices, the Chief Justice of Iran threatened the protesters with execution and long term imprisonment.
Pointing to the protesting Bazaar merchants, Sadeq Larijani said, “The Islamic Republic will under no circumstances tolerate this. In particular the Judiciary will deal with them firmly. I am hereby warning these disruptions of the economic system. Listen well. Take the cotton out of your ears and open your eyes. Such acts of disrupting the country’s economic system based on the laws related to disrupting the country’s economic system have very heavy penalties. It’s stated there that if this act is found to be a case of “Corruption on Earth”, (the penalty is) execution and if it’s not the case, the sentence is up to 20 years of prison and all the person’s possessions would be confiscated. We will not hesitate to implement this law. Today I’m warning those people, they are not many, the security forces know who they are and we are reiterating right here that they are obligated to identify these people at the earliest opportunity and to introduce them to the Judiciary so that they are justly prosecuted.” (IRIB- Jun. 26, 2018)