Death Row Political Prisoner Transferred to Urmia IRGC Detention Centre

Kamal Hassan Ramezan

Kamal Hassan Ramazan, a Death Row political prisoner, was transferred to the Urmia IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps) Detention Center Unexpectedly.

An informed source told Human Rights Network Kurdistan that the IRGC agents had visited the central prison of Urmia on Monday, Aug 13, and transferred Kamal Hassan Ramezan to the Detention Center of the IRGC under the pretext of interrogations. In such a situation, given the certainty of the death sentence against him, there is a danger to his sentence at any moment.

This political prisoner has been previously transferred to the detention centre of the IRGC and the Ministry of Intelligence in Urmia several times for being pressurised to do TV confessions.

Following the clashes of Kurdish parties with Iranian Revolutionary Guards forces in mountainous areas of Paveh, Marivan and Oshnavieh several days ago, websites linked to the Revolutionary Guards called for the speedy execution of the sentences of the Kurdish political prisoners sentenced to death.

Kamal Hassan Ramezan, 31, a Kurdish citizen from Syria (known as Rojava), was arrested by the IRGC forces at the Persian Gulf in July 1993 along with two other Kurdish citizens from the city of Maku (near the city of Urmia) and transferred to the IRGC security detention center.

This political prisoner was questioned at IRGC Detention Centre and the Intelligence Ministry for four months. Later, all three political prisoners were transferred to Urmia Revolutionary Court (Branch 2) on Aug 14, 2015. The court hearing of all three political prisoners was headed by judge Sheykhloo who found them guilty of membership in the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) after an hour of the hearing. All three political prisoners were sentenced to 10 years and one day in prison. The decree was officially announced to the prisoners’ lawyer.

The 10 years imprisonment sentence of Ramezan, was reduced to 7 years since he did not make an appeal and per Article 442. After the verdict was finalized, he was transferred to the Detention Centre of IRGC at Urmia Prison in February 2014. He was subjected to increasing pressure for two months to make confessions on TV.

Ramezan was also transferred to the Ministry of Intelligence’s Detention Centre and the Intelligence Corps (IRGC) in Urmia last year (on 6 December for 8 days and 6 January for ten days) to be questioned in relation to the murder of an IRGC officer who was killed about ten years ago.

On Saturday 20 May 2017, the Enforcement Officer of Urmia Central Prison summoned Kamal Hassan Ramezan and officially served him the absolute decree of Execution issued by Urmia Revolutionary Court (Branch 3) on the charges of membership in PKK and participation in armed conflict with the Iranian government. This decree has been issued in absentia at a time when the Kurdish political prisoner (resident of Syria) has not even been in Iran.