Sunni Muslims Banned from Holding Eid al-Adha Prayers in Tehran

Iran Sunni citizens

According to the news published in some sites affiliated with the Sunnis in Iran, on Wednesday morning Aug 22, security forces showed up at the entrance to the Sunni’s prayer chambers in some areas of Tehran including Resalat, Yaft Abad, Punak, Khalij Fars and a number of other places to prevent Sunni worshippers from holding Eid al Adha Prayers.

According to a Sunni citizen from Tehran, the security police of Tehran has summoned some of the officials managing Sunni prayer chambers in Tehran on August 21 and told them that they were not allowed to hold Eid prayers. Tehran’s security police has not shown these officials any order in this regard but has stated that the order had been issued by the Provincial Council.

The website of “Eslah Web” has also published a piece of news in this regard.

A Sunni activist living in Tehran told Kurdistan Human Rights Network that the Iranian officials had been treating Sunni citizens living in Tehran in this way for the past several years.

This religious activist also stated that Sunni citizens in Tehran were deprived of the right to build their own mosques in Tehran and there were only 9 rented prayer champers in the capital.

He concluded that the Sunnis citizen had been occasionally forced to hold Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha religious ceremonies in private parking and houses during the past several years due to the restrictions imposed by the Iranian officials.