Lives of students at risk in 50 percent of the capital’s worn out schools

The new academic year 2018-2019 began in Iran on September 23, while 32,000 schools, that is one-third of the schools across the country, are worn-out and lack immunity. Many of such schools must be razed and reconstructed.
In a September 22 report, the state-run Hamdeli website wrote that some 15 million students were going to start the new academic year.
“This is while according to the country’s top officials and relevant authorities in the Ministry of Education, there are thousands of schools and several thousand classrooms that lack security; Some are even grass shacks in the slums,” the website wrote.
General Director of renovating Tehran schools said: “Some 1461 schools with 17,532 classrooms in Tehran are worn-out and must be renovated or razed and reconstructed. Most worn out schools are first in Tehran and then in Shahrery, Islamshahr and Shahriyar.”
In light of the limited government budget, however, the regime’s officials estimate that being built over 40 to 50 years ago, 50 percent of the capital’s schools are timeworn and it takes 32 years to complete the reconstruction of such schools. With the current budget, it will take half a century to reconstruct all the schools across the country.
School condition in Tehran is horrible but the conditions in other cities are far worse, so that even the lives of students in worn-out schools are threatened.
A teacher from Barkhar city of Isfahan said: “There are 121 educational units in the city of which, 27 schools with more than 5000 students are worn-out.”
The state-run Tasnim news agency on August 3, cited a regime MP from Chah Bahar County, Sistan and Baluchestan Province as saying that the city needs at least 2.000 classrooms to reach the minimum per capita.

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