medical doctor and civil rights activist taken to jail to serve her sentence

Mehrnaz Haghighi

Mehrnaz Haghighi, physician and civil rights activist, was taken to Bandar Abbas prison on September 22, to serve a six-month sentence.
Mehrnaz Haghighi, 49, was initially arrested at her home on February 19, 2017, by Ministry of Intelligence agents. She had been held for three months in a security police detention centre of Bandar Abbas and Tehran’s Evin Prison. Subsequently she was released on bail on May 27, 2017.
After being exonerated from the preliminary charges of “spreading lies,” “insulting the supreme leader,” and “acting against national security” the Prosecutor brought two new charges against Mehrnaz Haghighi accusing her of “seeking membership in the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK),” and “spreading propaganda against the state and in favor of opposition groups.”
She denied beign a member of the PMOI. Mehrnaz Haghighi was arrested back in the 1980s when she was 12. She was released because of her young age. She visited families of political prisoners and gave them financial support. She was arrested while providing aid to child labours in Bandar Abbas.