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Shiban Prison

Iran: Report on dire condition of Shiban Prison in Ahwaz

Shiban Prison, which is now known as the Central Prison, is located 25km away from the Molasani Road in Ahwaz. The capacity of the...
Iran Evin Prison

Notorious Warden Increases Pressure on Prisoners in Evin

According to reports, Gholamreza Ziaei, the new chief of the Iranian regime's notorious Evin prison in Tehran, has been mounting repression against...
Evin Prison

A Glimpse Of Evin Prison, Iran’s Most Notorious Jail

With a capacity now detaining 15,000 people, the Evin Prison has built a reputation of Iran’s rampant political repression.
Varamin’s Qarchak Prison

Eleven women on death row at Iran’s Qarchak Prison

There are currently 11 women on death row in Shahr-e Rey prison located in a barren desert, east of Tehran. The prison...
Iran A report on Damghan prison situation

Iran: A report on prison conditions

Damghan Prison in northern Iran, occupying an area of over 250 square meters with about 130 inmates, is one of the smallest prisons across...

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Lordegan protests

Mass arrests in southwest Iran in wake of protests over HIV...

Security forces in southwest Iran have made widespread arrests following large protests over the HIV infection of more than 300 villagers by a local...