Iran Executions Timeline Since 1st January 2017

Iran executions timeline

Iran: Website Manager on Death-row, Transferred to Solitary Confinement

Mohammad Hossein Maleki
Aug 03

Mohammad Hossein Maleki, sentenced to death by the Revolutionary Court on the charge of “corruption on earth” through the sale of CCcam and unlocking satellite channels”, was transferred to solitary confinement on Sunday, July 29. According to a close source Mohammad Hossein Maleki, the manager of Asre-Javan website and its Telegram channel who is held […]..Read More

At least two prisoners were hanged at Urmia Central Prison

Iran execution
Jul 27

Two prisoners were hanged on drug related charges at Urmia Central prison on July 27, 2018. One of the victims was identified as Jahangir Nojavan. The later iss not identified by name as of yet. Iran is second only to China in the number of prisoners executed in recent years. More than 500 people were […]..Read More

Prisoner Executed in Rasht in the presence of his child

Iran executions
Jul 25

A prisoner was executed on July 21, at Rasht Central Prison while his 9-year-old son was present at the execution. According to a close source, on the morning of Saturday, July 21, a prisoner identified as Seyyed Morteza Mohammadi was executed on murder charges at Rasht Central Prison. The source said, “Morteza was from the […]..Read More

Iran hangs 65-year-old prisoner without giving him any warning

Iran executions
Jul 24

A death row inmate in Dizelabad Prison of Kermanshah was executed on Wednesday, July 18, 2018, while he was given just a few hours notice before he is hanged, and relatives are not notified until the prisoner is already dead. Identified as Saleh Khanizadeh, 65, who spend 10 years on death row, was found guilty […]..Read More

Iran hangs 5 prisoners collectively in Kermanshah Prison

Iran executions
Jul 22

At least five prisoners were hanged on Junly at Dizelabad Prison in Kermanshah, west of Iran. One of the victims is identified as Alireza Ashuri, 57. All the five were found guilty of murder. In yet another case on the morning of July 17, a prisoner was hanged in the Birjand Prison in South Khorasan […]..Read More

Iran sentences website director to death for selling satellite CCcam accounts

Mohammad Hossein Maleki
Jul 14

Mohammad Hossein Maleki, 47, the director of a website in Iran, has been sentenced to death on charges of “corruption on Earth.” A court in Isfahan has issued the ruling. Maleki was arrested by intelligence agents on March 1, 2017 and spent three months in solitary confirnement. He is facing charges of “selling satellite CCcam […]..Read More

Iran hangs two, sentences another to death after nine years

Iran executions
Jul 12

The General and Revolutionary Prosecutor of Mazandaran Province announced that a prisoner had been executed in Sari Prison, reported the state-run ILNA news agency on July 5, 2018. Younes Hosseini Alami said that the convicted person, identified as L.M., was sentenced to death for murder, and was executed in the front yard of Sari Prison, […]..Read More

Iran hangs woman at Urmia Prison

Iran executions
Jul 05

On the morning of Wednesday July 4, 2018, at least three prisoners were hanged at Urmia Prison, northwest of Iran. The victims who have not been identified yet include two men and a woman. They were all found guilty of murder.  The list of death-row female prisoners who have been detained in the Central Prison […]..Read More

Three prisoners executed at Tabriz and Urmia

Iran executions
Jul 04

A prisoner identified as Mohammad Ali, 52, was hanged today at central prison of Tabriz, norhtwest of Iran. On the same day two other prisoners were hanged at Urmia Prison, also in northwest Iran. The two who have not been identified, were transferred to solitary confinement in preperation for their executions. In another development on […]..Read More

Six prisoners executed in the cities of Tabriz, Sari and Karaj

Iran execution
Jun 28

At least four prisoners were hanged on June 27, 2018, at Rajaie Shahr Prison of Karaj, west of Tehran. The victims were identified as Safa Ali Jalali, Majid Heydari, Javad Kamani, 32, and Farshid Ghorbani, 38. Another prisoner identified as Mehdi Alami, 33, was hanged at Central Prison of Sari, north of Iran. On Tuesday […]..Read More

Iran executes teen Abolfazl Chezani Sharahi arrested at 14

juvenile executions
Jun 27

Iranian authorities executed teenager Abolfazl Chezani Sharahi this morning at Qom Prison. He was sentenced to death in 2014 on charge of murder while he was 14 years old. Since 2014, he has been sent to solitary confinement four times in preparation for his execution only to be delayed afterwards. The last time he was […]..Read More

Iran executes prisoner at Shirvan Prison

Iran execution
Jun 26

A prisoner was hanged on June 20, 2018, at Shirvan Prison in Northern Khorasan Province. The victim, Iraj Sorkhi, 34, had been on death row since six years ago on murder charges. During the past few years ago at least 14 inmates have been transferred to solitary confinement in prepatation for their executions at Lakan […]..Read More

Sufi bus driver Mohammad Salas was executed despite evidence of innocence

Sufi bus driver Mohammad Salas
Jun 18

Despite a global campaign to save the life of Sufi bus driver Mohammad Salas, reports indicate this 51-year old member of Iran’s Sufi religious minority group has been executed early this morning in what Amnesty International called a “huge miscarriage of justice.” Salas’s family were instructed to receive the corpse from Behesht-e-Sakineh Cemetery of Karaj, west […]..Read More

Two death sentences issued in one day in Ramadan

execution in Iran
Jun 06

Only in one day, the Government Medias have published the announcement of two death sentences that has been issued. Shargh Government Newspaper stated on June 3, 2018 that a young boy named Maziar has been sentenced to death on charges of killing another young person. He was sentenced to death while he explained the story […]..Read More

Iran: The Untold from a Mother, About Her Son’s Execution

Bahman Varmaziyar
May 16

It has been a few weeks since the painful execution of a young athlete in Iran. Bahman Varmaziyar’s death sentence was suspended last minute, and the news of his pardon was also released to his family; but the regime’s judiciary went ahead with his execution the next day, with everyone in utter disbelief. “Bahman Varmaziyar […]..Read More

Iran publicly hangs two prisoners in Mashhad

Iran public execution
May 15

Two prisoners were publicly hanged today in Mashhad, capital of Khorasan Province in northeastern Iran, according to the state-run Rokna news agency. The who have not been named by the state media were convicted of raping.    ..Read More

Iran: Four executions in the cities of Ilam, Zahedan and Urmia

Iran executions
May 15

Four prisoners were executed on Monday, May 14, 2018 in the cities of Ilam, Zahedan and Urmia. All of the victims were found guilty of murder. Two inmates were executed at Urmia Central Prison. They were transferred on Sunday, May 13 to solitary confinement for execution. The two are identified as Khalil Agush and Soheil […]..Read More

Iran: Two prisoners executed in Bandar Abbas and Zahedan

Iran execution
May 13

A prisoner was publicly hanged today in Khalij-e Fars Blvd. of Bandar Abbas, capital of the southern province of Hormozgan. The victim who has not been named by the state media was found guilty of murder. At the same time another prisoner was hanged in the central prison of Zahedan, southeastern Iran. He was also […]..Read More

Iran: Prisoner Executed at Rajaee-Shahr Prison in Karaj

prisoner executed
May 11

On Wednesday morning, May 9, 2018, a prisoner was executed at Gohardasht (Rajaee Shahr) Prison of Karaj, west of Tehran. The prisoner convicted of intentional murder and sentenced to execution (nemesis) is identified as “Reza Hamidi”. Reza was transferred from ward ten of this prison to solitary confinement on May 7th. An informed source said: […]..Read More

Iran: Executions in the cities of Zahedan and Islamabad-e-Qarb

Iran execution
May 05

On Thursday morning, May 3, 2018, Abdolbaset Rahmani, 25, a prisoner from ward six of Zahedan Central Prison was executed. “Abdolbaset was transferred to Quarantine section on Tuesday, May 1st, for the execution process and was executed this morning,” said an informed source. This prisoner was serving for five years in this ward and was condemned […]..Read More

Three prisoners were executed in the cities of Isfahan and Karaj

Iran executions
May 01

A man sentenced to death for drug related charges was hanged on Monday in Isfahan Central Prison, central Iran. The prisoner was identified as Kiomars Nasouhi from Kermanshah. “The Prosecutor had told his family that the execution would not be carried out and the family returned home with newfound hope,” an informed said. “But the […]..Read More

Iran: Child offender on death row faces fresh charges

Saman Naseem Child offender
Apr 27

Reports indicate Iran’s IRGC is filing newly fabricated charges against Saman Naseem, a Kurdish Iranian, accusing him of killing five IRGC members after his death sentence was commuted to five years behind bars in an appeal court. Saman Naseem was sentenced to death in April 2013 in Mahabad, West Azerbaijan Province, in connection with his […]..Read More

Iran: Two death row prisoners kept in state of limbo for 12 years

Iran execution
Apr 27

Two prisoners identified by their first names as Shayan and Bahram, who are residents of Tehran, were sentenced to death 12 years ago for murder, according to the state-run ROKNA news agency. The two men are still kept in an undetermined state because the victim’s family have not followed up the case. “Shayan and I […]..Read More

Iran’s judiciary confirms death and flogging sentence for Mohammad Salas

Mohammad Salas
Apr 26

The Head of Tehran’s Judiciary said that the death sentence for Mohammad Salas, a member of Gonabadi Dervish community and the bus driver in the Pasdaran Street incident which led to the deaths of three agents, was confirmed by the Supreme Court, according to the state-run ISNA news agency. “The case was sent to the […]..Read More

Iran: Mass execution imminent in Rajaie Shahr Prison

Rajaei Shahr Execution
Apr 25

At least 20 death row prisoners were transferred to solitary confinement in Rajaie Shahr Prison in Karaj. There are concerns that their death sentence would be carried out on Wednesday April 25.  Among the prisoners, an Afghan national identified as Amir Khalili was transferred from Qezel Hesar Prison while another prisoner identified as Amir Ahmadi […]..Read More

Iran: Five prisoners hanged in Urmia Central Prison

Iran executions
Apr 23

At least five prisoners were hanged today in Central Prison of Urmia. Four of the victims were identified as Tayeb Sheikh-Nejad, Ghader Mohammad Hassan, Islam Rashidpour and Soltan. All of the victims who were found guilty of murder, had a last visit with their families on Sunday. According to the latest report of the Amnesty International, […]..Read More

15-year-old Afghan boy on death row for sodomy he says he did not commit

Iran execution
Apr 18

Murad is waiting for a ruling that does not comply with his appearance. He is on the verge of execution. The youngster is kept in a youth detention center for the charge of raping a 10-year-old boy. The young boy has not accepted the charges and the family who have filed the complaint want to […]..Read More

Iran: 7 Prisoners Hanged in Gohardasht Prison of Karaj

Iran executions
Apr 18

Iran on Wednesday hanged seven men, most of whom sentenced to death for murder crimes, in Gohardasht Prison of Karaj, west of Tehran, reports indicate. All the victims were transferred to solitary confinement on Monday, in preperation for their executions. One of the victims was identified as Mohammad Saleh Dolatabadi while there is no information […]..Read More

Iran executes Bahman Varmaziyar despite extensive criticism

Bahman Varmaziyar
Apr 18

Iran on Wednesday hanged Bahman Varmaziyar, sentenced to death for armed robbery, in Hamedan Prison, state media reported. The ruling was supposed to be carried out yesterday, but according to the Provincial Prosecutor Kamran Hamzeh, was temporarily suspended due to a “judicial problem.” Bahman Varmaziyar was a hairdresser and sports club trainer in Hamedan who, […]..Read More

Iran: Minor offender’s execution imminent

Mohammad Reza Haddadi
Apr 13

An offender who was charged with unintentional murder at the age of 15 and has been in prison for 15 years is on the verge of execution. The defense lawyer of Mohammad Reza Hadadi, Hossein Ahmadiniaz, said that he was trying to overturn the ruling. (ROKNA state-run Website – Apr. 11, 2018) Background info: Mohammad […]..Read More

Iran: Man hanged in Maragheh Prison amidst media silence

Iran executions
Apr 08

According to reports, on the morning of Sunday March 4, a prisoner charged with murder was hanged in Maragheh Prison. The prisoner was identified as Jalil Khademi. Khademi was detained in 2014 and was from the town of Marand in East Azarbaijan Province...Read More

Execution of minor offender suffering from mental issues imminent: lawyer

Mohammad Kalhori
Apr 06

Execution of minor offender suffering from mental issues is imminent, reports indicate. Mohammad Agha Khani, the lawyer of Mohammad Kalhor who was sentenced to death for murdering his teacher at the age of 15, said that his client’s execution was imminent. Mohammad Kalhor is a student from Borujerd who stabbed his 43-year-old physics teacher, identified […]..Read More

Minor sentenced to death in gross miscarriage of justice in city court

Saleh Shariati
Apr 05

Saleh Shariati was forced to confess to murder under torture when was under 18 years old. He was then sentenced to death in court without any evidence and only upon the oath of 50 men from the family of the deceased man, who were not even witnesses to the death. Most of them did not […]..Read More

Iran: At least 4 minors hanged last Persian year

juvenile executions
Mar 27

By going ahead with juvenile executions Iranian authorities have failed to adhere to all of their obligations under international law. Despite huge public and international opposition, Iran continued to juvenile executions and sentencing juveniles to death in the last Persian year. Four minor offenders were executed after they reached 18 in the past (Persian) year. […]..Read More

Iran: 21-year-old woman to be sent to the gallows

woman sentenced to death
Mar 27

The death sentence for a young woman was confirmed by the Supreme Court, according to the state-run Aftab news agency. The woman named Mojgan is charged with murdering her husband two years ago in July 2015 when she was 21. Prior to this, the woman was acquitted of the murder charges and was sentenced to […]..Read More

Minor offender on verge of execution despite evidenced psychological issues

Mohammad Kalhori
Mar 21

Mohammad Kalhori, a student who killed his teacher due to psychological problems in 2014 will probably be hanged in the upcoming days. Mohammad was sentenced to three years of prison and paying diyah (blood money) in a court of first instance due to his psychological problems, but after complaints by the victim’s family and involvement […]..Read More

Iran publicly hangs two brothers, executes father of twin girls

public execution
Mar 15

Two brothers were publicly hanged early morning today in Gachsaran, south west Iran‌, according to the state-run Rokna news agency. They were charged with armed robbery from a jewelry during which they killed two tradesmen late 2017. Incessant executions have been stepped up, only days before the Iranian calendar new year. In yet another case […]..Read More

Iran: 22-year-old man hanged in Ilam Prison

Iran executions
Mar 08

On the morning of Wednesday March 7, the death sentence for a Kurd man from Sivan in Ilam was carried out in the Central Ilam Prison. He was identified as 22-year-old Ayoub Babakhani. Ayoub was sentenced to death three years ago on charges of murdering a person close to him...Read More

Iran: Man Accused of Killing anti-riot forces could be imminently executed

Dervish Gonabadi protesters
Mar 06

Speaking with the state-run Fars news agency Hossein Rahimi, the capital’s police chief, announced that the driver of a bus who allegedly ran over and killed three members of anti-riot units will be executed within a few weeks. “With the coordination that has taken place with the judiciary, the bus driver that drove over the […]..Read More