Iran Executions Timeline Since 1st January 2017

Iran executions timeline

Iran: 3 Kurd men hanged in Dizelabad Prison of Kermanshah

Iran execution
Mar 04

At the morning hours of Saturday March 4, three Kurd inmates were executed at Dizelabad Prison of Kermanshah, western Iran. Two of the victims are identified as Keyvan Rashkhar, 27, and Masoud Vakili, 27. Both had been found guilty of murder. Keyvan Rashkhar, a musician who published his latest album in 2010, was sentenced to […]..Read More

Iran: Two inmates were executed in western cities of Hamedan and Ilam

Iran execution
Mar 03

A young man identified as Hamid Imani was executed on March 1, in the Central Prison of Hamedan western Iran. He had lingered on death row since 10 years ago. Another inmate, Ehsan Yaghoubi was hanged on March 2, in the Central Prison of Ilam, also in western Iran. Both were found guilty of murder. […]..Read More

Iran: List of 57 death row prisoners in Gohardasht Prison

Iran human rights
Mar 03

Reports indicate around 1/3 of the inmates held in ward 10 of Gohardasht (Rajaei Shahr) Prison in Karaj, west of Tehran, are on death row. 264 inmates are held in this ward, of which 86 are on death row. 57 of the death row inmates are identified as follows; Azad Ordoukhani Ali Avaz-Zadeh Baratali Rahimi […]..Read More

Iran: Young Kurdish man executed in Central Prison of Ilam

Iran execution
Mar 02

A Kurdish man was hanged on February 28, 2018, in Central Prison of Ilam, in western Iran. Mehdi Kazemnia 28, was found guilty of murder. A blood money in exchange for the victim’s execution was accepted. Being poor the family could not pay. In Iran, convicted murderers have one last chance to escape the gallow […]..Read More

Iran: Two men executed in Ahwaz

Seyed Habib Rahmani
Feb 21

On Thursday, February 15, the Ahwaz Intelligence Department announced the execution of two young Arab men.  The two have been identified as Seyed Habib Rahmani and Mehdi Hardani. Thirty-year-old Rahmani was married and had three children. His family were threatened by the Intelligence Department that they could not hold a funeral for their son. The […]..Read More

Holder of Ph.D. from Strasburg University and law degree from Tehran University hanged in Rajaie Shahr Prison amidst media silence

Karim Zargar
Feb 15

State run media announced the execution of a person they described as “a middle aged man who was charged with establishing a mysticism institution in Tehran” on February 12. The man was actually Karim Zargar, the head of the Path to Wisdom (Eckankar) Institute, the former head of the Seda and Sima College, law graduate […]..Read More

Iran hangs at least 6 inmates of Gohardasht Prison

Rajaei Shahr Execution
Feb 14

At least six inmates were executed today in Gohardasht Prison of Karaj. The victims included Farnam Farinam and Morteza Shafaghi. One victim was an Afghan national. Three were tortured and taken to the execution scene, but temporarily returned. They include: Saeed Ranjbar, Mohammad Omrani and Mohammad Saleh Dowlat-abadi. Nooses were placed around their necks and […]..Read More

Iran: Minor offender one step away from execution

Pouria Tabaie
Feb 14

Minor offender Pouria Tabaie was sentenced to death for murder and is now on death row in Rajaie Shahr prison in Karaj. Pouria Tabaie was born on July 17, 1992. He was 16 on the day he carried out the murder on July 17, which falls on his birthday. The 113th Branch of the Tehran […]..Read More

Iran: 3 minor offenders hanged in Iran including young bride

young bride
Feb 03

The Judiciary of the Islamic republic of Iran hanged two minor offenders in one day on Tuesday January 30. The last minor to be hanged was identified as Mahboubeh Mofidi. She was hanged in Noshahr Prison on charges of killing her husband when she was 17. This is the third execution of a minor in […]..Read More

Iran: Young man hanged for theft in Yasouj

Abbas Rad
Feb 02

On the morning of January 31, a 29-year-old man identified as Abbas Rad was hanged in Yasouj, capital of Kohgilouyeh and Boyer Ahmad Province. He was wounded on December 18, 2015 after he was shot and was then arrested by security forces. In an attack to his place of residence, the locals and women were […]..Read More

Iran executes young man who was child at the time of arrest

juvenile execution
Jan 30

A 22-year-old man was executed on January 30, 2018 in the central prison of Bushehr, southern Iran. The victim, Ali Kazemi was found guilty of murder in 2011. He was only 15 years old at the time the crime was committed. The execution, which has not been made public by the state media was carried […]..Read More

Iran: Woman executed in northern city of Noshahr

woman executed
Jan 30

A woman was executed today, January 30, 2018, in the northern city of Noshahr. She had been held on death row since four years ago. There is no further information available on the identity of the victim. The woman’s family tried very much to prevent this execution, to no avail and the poor woman was […]..Read More

Prisoner tortured and sentenced to death for crime he did not commit

Seyed Iman Hossein Moghaddam
Nov 30

Seyed Iman Hossein Moghaddam, whose public execution sentence was announced on charges of rape, has denied the charges against him. “I am 35 years old and did not have a criminal record before this”, he said. “I was in the construction business and also bought and sold cars. In 2013, I went to the carnival […]..Read More