Iranian Protesters Killed in November 2019 Protests

Images of defenseless Iranians who stood up for freedom

1500 Iranian protesters killed in November 2019 protests are defenseless men, women and children who stood up for freedom but were answered by bullets.

They came to the streets in at least 100 cities across Iran over a surprise increase in gasoline prices. The peaceful demonstrations quickly spread into one of the biggest challenges to Iran’s clerical regime since the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

At least 4,000 Iranians were wounded and 12,000 were detained, some of them with injuries. The actual number is definitely higher and Iran Human Rights Monitor continues to investigate.
Iran Human Rights Monitor has published the names of more than 800 Iranian protesters killed in November 2019 protests.

Iranian officials have threatened to torture and execute the prisoners to intimidate anyone else who is harboring thoughts to raise their voice against the regime.
There are already reports that pertain several protesters have died under torture inside Iran’s prisons.
Numerous videos obtained from inside Iran show security forces shooting at protesters from helicopters. Several videos show security forces directly aiming their rifles and handguns at the demonstrators and shooting them from point-blank range.
According to one report from the southern city of Mahshahr, the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) have killed at least 100 people, surrounding them in a marsh and massacring them with machine guns.

There were several reports that Iranian security forces inspected hospitals, rounding up injured protesters and the bodies of the dead. They also refrained from handing over the dead bodies to the families and only did so on the condition that they do not hold a funeral and bury their loved ones in silence and solitude.
And as usual, Iranian officials are deliberately hiding the number of deaths.
On December 2, Iran’s Attorney-General, Montazeri said that “fortunately, people living outside Iran don’t have access to the information and the number” of those killed and arrested in the nationwide protests.
Iran Human Rights Monitor urges The UN Security Council, world governments and the international community to take urgent action to immediately halt the murder and suppression of the protesters.
We urge the United Nations to quickly dispatch fact-finding missions to Iran. The regime leaders must face justice for perpetrating crimes against humanity and Iran protests massacre. Silence and inaction are both a violation of international conventions, laws and standards, and embolden the regime to continue its crimes.

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