Iran’s supreme court has upheld death sentences and a total of 75 years behind bars for six political prisoners in Urmia Prison, northwest Iran.

They were found guilty for murder of a member of the Revolutionary Guards’ paramilitary Basij.

Last year, the prime suspect of this case, Kamal Ahmadnezhad, was arrested along with five others by the names of Helmat Abdollahi, Soleyman Kurdi, Milad Abdi, Saeid Siahi and Mostafa Tahazadeh.

Ahmadnezhad wrote an open letter to human rights organizations and the U.N. Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Iran regarding the tortures he had been imposed to as the authorities sought a coerced televised confession on state Press TV.

They were all sentenced to eight months behind bars for “cooperating with Kurdish opposition parties.” Five of the defendants didn’t have the opportunity to apply for a judicial review when the ruling was issued.