Female political prisoner writes letter about prison conditions and human rights violations


Detained human rights activist, Golrokh Iraie, who is detained in the Women’s Section in Evin Prison, wrote a letter about the non-independence and bias of the Prisons Organization and the inhumane treatment of political prisoners.
Her letter reads in part:
“As none of the officials in the Islamic Republic work according to their positions in the government, prison authorities also step beyond their specified boundaries…
We witness heads of prisons, continuously going into political prisoners’ dossiers, trying to disturb political activists in various ways, instead of attending to the affairs of the prison and prisoners.
The head of Evin Prison is not excluded from this practice. He is known by the name, Chaharmahali, and stands against political prisoners’ beliefs with aggressive measures…
My husband Arash Sadeqi is the victim of Evin Prison authorities’ hostility. He was transferred to another prisoner because he wasn’t willing to bow down and give in to their requests.
Section 350 and the Women’s Section of Evin Prison are located next to each other. It’s been a month since they’ve started harassing the prisoners of Section 350 in various ways trying to eventually force them to peacefully transfer…
They have announced in Section 350 that prisoners should be ready to be transferred to the quarantine in Section 4 of Evin. The conditions there are very bad without any open area…
The level of hegemonic power prison authorities wield and their hostility towards political prisoners is such that generally medical records sent from the hospital containing political prisoners’ medical histories are erased from their files after a short period of time. If families don’t succeed in receiving specific documents from the hospital, prison authorities deny the prisoner’s illness and prevent any further medical treatment.
Since the imposing of sanctions, which has led to the Prisons Organization’s budget cuts, they have put it up to the prisoners to provide their financial shortages. Instead of meeting the requirements of various sections, whether ordinary or political, they only say, ‘we have no budget’”.
Human rights activist Golrokh Ebrahimi Iraie is the wife of detained political prisoner Arash Sadeghi. She was arrested on September 13, 2014. Then in April of 2015, she was sentenced to 6 years of prison for blasphemy and spreading propaganda against the government. She is currently serving her sentence in the Women’s Section in Evin Prison.

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