Iran: Prisoner dies due to denial of timely medical care

A political prisoner, held in the public ward of Ilam Prison, western Iran has died due to harsh conditions and lack of medical care.

In a particularly tragic case, Abdnour Sharafnahal suffered a heart attack on Monday and ultimately died due to lack of timely emergency treatment.

His dead body was transferred to forensics on Thursday and buried by the end of the day.

Shafafnahal was in dire physical conditions and his family had issued multiple requests for medical treatment. However,  prison authorities refused to provide him any care and are now refusing any responsibility over his death.

Iranian officials are callously toying with the lives of prisoners by denying them adequate medical care, place them at grave risk of death, permanent disability or other irreversible damages to their health.

Prisoners have continued to die or endure unnecessary sufferings from authorities’ negligence, including delays, denials of care and lack of timely emergency treatment.

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