It has been two months that water has stopped running every day from 9 am until evening in Saravan Prison, southeast of Iran.

The inmates are currently in dire conditions and have frequently demanded prison authorities address the crisis. However, they continue refusing to provide any service.

It is worth noting Iranian authorities have cut off hot water in Varamin Khordin Prison, west of Tehran, under the pretext of repair-construction work. The cold water has also been cut off for more than a week. This situation which has forced inmates to buy their drinking water twice the cost outside the jail. It is impossible to shower or wash any clothing, and prisoners are facing hygienic problems and their health is at risk. The prison’s drinking water relies on contaminated water wells, causing health problems for the inmates. As a result, food servings are filled with sand and pebbles.

The reports indicate that authorities in Rajayishahr Prison, west of Tehran have also cut off hot water in this penitentiary since March 23rd and after almost two weeks without water the inmates are forced to use bottled water for drinking, cooking and bathing.

Prison authorities regularly cut off water and electricity as part of crackdown measures on the inmates already aggravating under inhuman conditions in Iran’s jails.