Iran: Family of political prisoner targeted by Revolutionary Guards Corps

The family of political prisoner Anvar Hossein Panahi announced in a statement that they were being targeted by the Revolutionary Guards Corps.
“On Friday June 23, two of our family members by the names of Ramin and Sabah Hossein Panahi along with Hamed Seif Panahi and Behzad Nouri were targeted and shot at by Revolutionary Guards Corps forces. Three of these people lost their lives and Ramin, who was shot twice, was taken to hospital in Sanandaj. RGC forces transferred him to an IRGC Detention Center where he is under severe torture despite his wounds.
Last night, IRGC Intelligence agents attacked our home and beat our sister Parvaneh Hossein Panahi and our elderly father. They arrested our younger brother Afshin Hossein Panahi and took him to an unknown location. We ask all international institutions to seriously intervene and prevent another catastrophe for our family,” the statement reads in part.

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