At least seven prisoners were hanged on July 5, in mass execution in Rajaie Shahr Prison in Karaj.

12 death row prisoners had been transferred to solitary confinement in preperation for their executions on July 2.
According to credible sources, the death sentence for at least seven of these prisoners was carried out while two others were returned to their cells. There is no information available on the fiat of the other three.
Among the executed was Omid Rostami, 28, and Abbas Yusefipur was previously severely beaten by the agents of prison, and was taken to the hospital by the order of Dariush Amiriyan, the interior director of the prison. A number of prisoners were executed on the basis of confessions that were forcefully taken from them under torture.
Most of the prisoners were charged with murder. According to previous reports the names of three of the victims are as follows, Ghahreman Ali Abbaspour, Reza Nieiati, Seyed Mohammad Seyed Abdullah.
The gathering of the executed families in protest against the execution of their children and their relatives outside Rajaie Shahr Prison was attacked by oppressive forces. Police agents were trying to disperse the victims’ families by air firing.

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