Iran: Four prisoners executed in Urmia, Kerman and Tabriz

The Assistant Head of the Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor in Kerman Province announced the execution of a prisoner on September 27, 2017, according to the state-run Khorasan Daily. The victim was identified by his initials as Gh.N. He was found guilty of murder.
In another developement two men were hanged at dawn on September 26, 2017, in Urmia Prison. They were identified as Moslem Tamrkhani and Javad Kheiri who was sentenced to double-death sentence on drug related charges and killing a police officer.
Another inmate identified as Ahad Pourtaghi who had been detained for the past five years on murder charges in the Central Tabriz Prison was hanged on September 21. Despite his family’s efforts in getting the consent of the family of the victim to not execute him, the prisoner was hanged with the permission of the head of the Judiciary and after 71000 dollars was transferred to the victim’s family as the difference in blood money.

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