Iran: Report on condition of hunger striking political prisoners

Political prisoners Anwar Khezri, Khosro Basharat and Kamran Shikheh who are detained in Urmia prison, Mohammad Nazari and Hamza Darvish who are in Gohardasht Prison in Karaj, Sohail Arabi who is detained in Evin Prison and Arjang Davoudi who is in Zabol Prison are all on hunger strike.

Anwar Khezri, Khosro Basharat and Kamran Shikheh, three Sunni prisoners in Orumieh Prison have been on hunger strike since September 20 in protest to the non-implementation of the principle of separation of crimes and for being kept in the “psychotherapy” section of Urmia Prison. The three prisoners of conscience spent several days in solitary confinement, however, they were once again transferred to the same “psychotherapy” section and have continued their hunger strike.

Political prisoner Mohammad Nazari started his protest in Gohardasht prison in Karaj, despite his illness, on July 30 with other political prisoners but continues to strike individually despite the end of the mass strike. He has requested the application of article 134 (aggregation of sentences) in his case, which will lead to his release from prison. Mr. Nazari is currently on his 61st day of his hunger strike.

Hamza Dervish, a Sunni prisoner who is in the same prison, ended his 27-day hunger strike on September 7 after authorities promised to address his legal problems and his condition, but went on hunger strike only four days later, when he saw that the authorities did not live up to their promise.
Now he is on his 17th day of hunger strike and is suffering from weakness and hypotension.

Soheil Arabi is another hunger striking political prisoner who started his strike on August 24 in Evin Prison.
At the start of the hunger strike, Arabi weighed 84 kilograms. He now weighs 67 kg while his blood pressure is on 8.
Mr. Arabi has been on hunger strike in protest to the persecution of his family by the Revolutionary Guards Corps and has requested that he and his wife be acquitted.

Arjang Davoudi, another prisoner of conscience who has spent behind bars in Zabol prison, went on hunger strike in support of Gohardasht political prisoners. He still insists on continuing his hunger strike.

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