Iran: Political prisoners write letter to Iran UN Rapporteur

Mohammad Nazari

A group of political prisoners in Karaj’s Rajaie Shahr Prison wrote a letter to the UN Secretary General and the Special Rapporteur on Iran, warning about the danger that political prisoner Mohammad Nazari is facing. Nazari is in critical condition due to his hunger strike. They requested that this political prisoner be released from prisoner.
The prisoners wrote in part:
“More than 60 days has passed from Mohammad Nazari’s hunger strike. He has been in prison for more than 24 years, on charges of having links to Kurd parties, and has not had even a day of leave from prison…
As people who share a prison with Mr. Mohammad Nazari, during these 60 days we have witnessed his hunger and deteriorating state. In recent days, his physical condition has worsened in such a way that he has lost the ability to walk and even talk. Despite being sent to the hospital in recent days, hospital officials explicitly informed him that they have been banned from treating hunger striking prisoners.
Given the current situation, due to the failure of prison authorities and the prosecutor’s office to pay heed to his condition, his death is a possibility. Therefore, we warn you about his critical condition and ask you and all those willing to listen as well as independent lawyers to try and save Mr. Mohammad Nazari and to secure his freedom.
September 25, 2017
Ebrahim Firoozi, Saeed Shirzad, Saeed Masuri, Jafar Eghdami.