Iran: Family of detained Kurd man write letter to Iran Special Rapporteur about unknown fate of son

The Hossein panahi family wrote a letter to the UN Special Rapporteur Asma Jahangir regarding the unknown fate of their son. This letter which was written on October 11 reads in part:
“Our youngest son, Ramin Hossein panahi, was visiting Sanandaj to see his family, when he was shot by the Revolutionary Guards Corps and was then taken to the hospital in this town. IRGC forces transferred him to an unknown location after half an hour. Hours after the attack, IRGC forces attacked our house, beat our daughter Afshin Hossein panahi, and her elderly father and then arrested our other son Afshin Hossein panahi and transferred him to an unknown location.
After two months of being subject to the most severe torture, he was transferred to Sanandaj Prison and is now kept in a state of limbo. According to international laws and even according to the laws of the Islamic Republic, we should have been able to visit our son and get a lawyer for him 110 days after his arrest. However, we were unable to do this and no institution or organization has responded to our family and our legal requests.”

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