Family of political prisoner warned against following up son’s prison leave

Maher Ka'bi

Following a request from the father of political prisoner Maher Ka’bi from the Shush district court for a prison leave for his son, the Intelligence Agency called the family threatening them not to follow up such a request. “Are we supposed to send your son to a hotel?!” agents said, taunting the family. This is while the political prisoner has been imprisoned in Ardebil, which is far away from his home. He is detained in a very isolated section with minimum facilities. Maher Ka’bi, who is now 25 years old, was arrested at 19. He was charged with acting against national security and being a member of the Ahwaz Liberation Organization and was sentenced to 10 years of prison in exile. According to those close to him, he was not affiliated with any organization. His brother Ahmed Ka’bi is also detained in Kerman Prison. The two brothers were severely tortured when arrested. The tortures have led to severe back problems for Ahmad, to the extent that he cannot stand on his legs for even 10 minutes.