Water crisis in Iran reaches critical state

Energy Minister Reza Ardakaniyan said that water quality was a topic that has been overlooked thus far.

“To date, we have contaminated water resources with industrial, agricultural and household wastewaters. It’s not possible to continue this situation,” he added.
“We are facing a crisis when it comes to providing water rights for wetlands and the environment… We are under the influence of droughts as a result of climate change and the current year has been one of the worst years in the past 50 years in the country,” Isa Kalantari, the head of the Environmental Organization said.
“Dust storms have led to severe problems for people in various cities especially southern cities and dust particles which were a result of a lack of water in the first six months of the year, have caused many problems for people living in the west of the country,” he added.

“The erosion of genetic materials, soil erosion, and the destruction of vegetation as a result of dehydration has affected people’s lives,” he said. (The state-run IRNA news agency – Mar. 22, 2018)

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