360 springs dry out in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad Province putting nomads in water crisis

Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad-min

The Director General of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad Tribal Affairs said that from the 570 springs in the province, 360 springs and water sources for drinking water had completely dried out in the tribal regions.

“The drought in the province has also led to an early migrations by nomadic tribes”, Majid Alipour said.

“Every year, the nomadic tribesmen only needed to purchase fodder two months of the year, however, due to the drought, this has now increased to five months”.

“In light of the drought issues and the ensuing fodder and water shortages in nomadic areas, there will be no measures to provide livestock fodder and to solve water deficit issues this year”, he added.

About 1.9% of the 213,000 households in Iran are nomads. (IRNA state-run News Agency – Apr. 23, 2018)