Iran: 15 Years Old Girl at Ahwaz’s Sepidar Prison

Maedeh Shabani-Nejad

15 years old Maedeh from Ahwaz is still under interrogation at Ahwaz’s Sepidar prison since she has been arrested with her relatives last February.

Maedeh Shabani-Nejad (Amoori) was first arrested on Sep.17, 2017 in Abadan City by the Intelligence Information Headquarters and was freed on bail after a few days.

On Jan.25, 2017 she was arrested again in her uncle’s residence, Mahmood Amoori by the IRCG’s intelligence agents in Ahwaz. A few of the relatives arrested with her are Mahmood Amoori, 32 (her uncle), Khaled Amoori, 28, and Foad Amoori ,30, all residing in city of Ahwaz and Ms. Mahnaz Amoori Faisali, 43, her aunt residing in city of Abadan. It is said that Maedeh is a poet writing national and heroic poems in Arabic and she has been active in social media. Her family and relatives are arrested for helping and collaborating with her.