Iran: Witness to the Guidance Patrol beat young woman Interrogated

A woman who has been an eyewitness when a morality police beat a young woman, has been repeatedly harassed and interrogated.

“Ms. HasanAbadi, 47, who has been a witness to the beating, has been summoned to Vozara detention center, interrogated and even beaten times and again. The scene she has witnessed, the beating of a young woman, Nastaran, is much more horrific than what is seen in the clip,” said Nasrin Sotoodeh, lawyer and human rights activist.

Hasan-Abadi describes that the Guidance agent dragged Nastaran on the ground grasping her braided hair. Disturbed by this inhuman behavior, Ms. Hassanabadi intervened to save Nastaran but was herself brutalized so much that her coat was torn apart. Since then she has been summoned to Vozara detention center for several times.

Shocking video footage of a young woman being wrestled to the floor by Iranian “morality police” because her hijab was loose has sparked outrage after it was posted online.

The footage shows members of the special taskforce tackling the woman, believed to be in her mid-20s, in Tehran. Under Iranian law, it is compulsory for women to cover themselves from head to toe in public, but many defy the boundaries by wearing loose hijab that shows their hair.

The video shows two young friends, one wearing a maghnaeh (similar to a nun’s cowl) and the other wearing a loose headscarf that reveals part of her hair. The latter is verbally cautioned, before a female police officer slaps her in the face and wrestles her to the floor. The young woman is heard screaming repeatedly: “Let me go, let me go.”

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