Iran: Telegram Activist Deprived of Medical Treatment

Alireza Tvakoli

Aliraza Tavakoli who was active in Telegram and now jailed for two years, is deprived of medical treatment; though he is suffering from joint pains and pain in his intestine. The prison doesn’t count itself responsible to provide the prisoners with advance medication and gives them no alternative either; eventually the prisoner does not receive the treatment he/she needs.

It is to be mentioned that Mr. Tavakoli, Mohammad Mohajer and Mohammad Mehdi Zaman Saleh, three Telegram activists were detained in 2016 and each were sentenced to 12 years imprisonment.

After they protested against the decree, the revision court applied act 134 of Islamic Punishment Law and the sentence for “insulting the sacred” was counted as the highest punishment for them and their sentence was reduced to five years.