Iran: 37,000 Marriage under 15

Child marriages in Iran

Parvaneh Salahshori, the head of Majlis’s (parliament) women’s fraction said: “Statistics show that during last year 37,000 girls have married while under 15. In this time interval 2000 women have either divorced or become widows.”

“Marriage of girls under 15 causes several problems; divorce and becoming widows intensifies these problems,” added Salahshori.

She cited: “Marriage of girls in early years of their lives makes them to suddenly enter the life of grownups and they will not enjoy the education and skills needed for a life”.

“Divorce statistic last year is the highest so far; 175,000. Divorcing in the early years of life has unpleasant consequences”, Added Salahshori.

The head of women’s fraction also said: “By the given statistics about 2.5 to five million single parent women exists in the country. Not having a job and lack of necessary services causes them many harms.” (IRNA state-run News Agency- May 8, 2018)