Iran: 50 Prisoner Adding Up Each Hour


As each hour 50 people add to the crowd of prisoners, the head of Social Relief Association emphasized on replacement punishments to ease the consequences of accumulation of criminals in prisons. Pointing to the fact the each year between, 420 to 430 thousand criminals enter prisons, Hasan Mosavi Chalak added: “One of the new and positive changes in judicial systems in the world is that they don’t sent people to prison for all kind of crimes. This is not a trend in our country…”

Before that he had cited that increase in number of prisoners is a sign of “deteriorating moral values”. He has said: “15 million judicial files shows weakness of social morale in Iran”.

As Islamic Republic’s Prisons Organization had announced, the number of prisoners in Iran in year of 1395 (2016-2017) has been 224,000 and 70% of the prisoners were less than 40 years old.

On Monday April 16, 2018, Reza Mahboobi, deputy in social damage affairs of Iran Social Affairs Organization announced: “500,000 people enter Iran’s prisons on yearly basis.” As he put it 200,000 of them stay there. (ISNA state-run News Agency- May 11, 2018)