Over 70% of the wetlands dried and 50% of the wildlife destructed

Fars Province lakes

Ali Akbari, MP, criticized the country’s environmental conditions as becoming very fragile and said that unfortunately, with the production of non-standard gasoline, air and water pollution has been provided. In one way, due to the entry of urban and industrial wastewater, the life of the seas, rivers, and wetlands have been threatened and in another way because of the nature collapse by cutting the trees and structures, as well as non-metallic damages, many environmental problems are occurring.  The parliamentarian, criticizing the fact that the landslide has caused more than 70 percent of the wetlands to be dried and 50 percent of the wildlife destructed, restated that unfortunately, the condition of other wetlands and wildlife in the country are also becoming critical and human factors have seriously damaged the environment. (The state-run Khaneh Melat Website – June 4, 2018)