Iran hangs young woman, another victim of sexual violence

woman executed in Iran
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A 25-year-old woman identified only as Noushin, 25, was hanged in Iran, the state-run Young Journalist Club reported on December 22, 2018.

The news agency did not mention the exact place and time of execution.

Noushin had been interviewed by a state-media reporter the same day she was hanged when she was waiting in the courtyard for her execution.

The state media reported that Noushin was convicted of murdering a man, Soheil, who had promised to marry her, but took advantage of her, and subsequently brutalized, blackmailed and forced her into having sexual relations with his friends.

Noushin did this for a month before she decided to stop this situation by killing the man who was forcing her to do so.

She is the 86th woman to be executed during Rouhani’s tenure.

Iranian women who are victims of violence receive no support from the government. They are either forced to go back home with the same husband who batters them or are sentenced to execution, or retribution in kind, if they commit murder in self-defense.

In a most recent case, Zeinab Sakaanvand, another victim of domestic and sexual violence who was arrested as a child was executed.

According to Amnesty International, “Zeinab Sekaanvand had said that, soon after she was married at 15, she sought help many times from the authorities about her violent husband and alleged that her brother-in-law had raped her repeatedly. Instead of investigating these allegations, however, the authorities consistently ignored her and failed to provide her with any support as a victim of domestic and sexual violence.”


  1. Meanwhile Western feminists complain about abortion rights, glass ceilings etc. they ignore all this because they want to show solidarity with Muslims.

  2. Whenever I read these sorts of articles I have a natural scepticism towards them because, like most civilised people, it is almost impossible to believe that Governments can treat their own population in such an inhumane manner? Now having seen the Tories take apart the Welfare State in the UK I can believe anything.

    • It takes the relatively generous welfare state in the UK for you to accept the validity of human rights abuses in Iran?

  3. USA ,China,Saoudia also apply death penalty .This story has no proofs at all concerning the allegation of abuse….It smell zio-propaganda to me

  4. Horrific. This is not a post that should invite either cynical or trivial comment. Women are demeaned, lose all rights, are hanged for killing their tormentors. We should all be concerned for such women and work to save them from tyranny everywhere

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