Imprisoned Activist Atena Daemi Denied an MRI despite possibly suffering MS

Political prisoner Atena Daemi has been denied medical treatment despite possibly suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS).

In line with the cruel and inhumane behavior towards political prisoners in Iran, Evin Prison authorities prevented the transfer of political prisoner Atena Daemi for medical tests and medical care.

Atena Daemi has long been suffering from persistent dizziness, headaches and numbness in her right eye. The medical physician in Qarchak Prison had requested an MRI for her in May 2018, saying she probably does have MS but sometimes it cannot be detected by an MRI in the initial stages.

Daemi has not been transferred to the hospital for these tests and examinations since 10 months ago when a doctor in Gharchak Prison determined that she needs to see a specialist.

Also, the judicial official supervising the Evin prison has not accepted her family’s request for a visit for a long time, and they have not been able to get permission to transfer Atena to the hospital.

Daemi’s diagnosis has remained unclear because she is not being allowed to undergo medical tests.

In addition to numbness and severe beaches, Atena is also suffering from high blood pressure, kidney stones and gallbladder problems caused by hunger strikes.

Daemi, 31, has been behind bars in Iran since November 2016, serving a seven-year prison sentence for meeting the families of political prisoners, criticizing the Iranian regime on Facebook, and condemning Iran’s 1988 mass executions of political prisoners.

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