Arab activists sentenced to death and hefty prison terms

According to human rights sources in Ahwaz, the 1st Branch of the Ahwaz Revolutionary Court has announced its verdict for eight Arab activists for the charges of enmity with God, links to foreign countries, membership in dissident groups and spreading propaganda against the government.
The names and sentences of these men are as follows:
Abdullah Abdullahi (Ka’bi) – 33, married with three children, death sentence
Ghasem Abdullahi (Ka’bi) – death sentence
Ahmad Abdullahi (Ka’bi) – 30, poet, 25 years of prison
Majed Abdullahi (Ka’bi) – 23, 25 years of prison
Hassoun Abdullahi (Ka’bi) – 31, 25 years of prison
Hossein Abdullahi (Ka’bi) – 24, three years of prison
Esa Abdullahi (Ka’bi) – 30, three years of prison
Majid Abdullahi (Ka’bi) – 24, three years of prison (al-Arabia – Sep. 1, 2017)

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