Iran: PhD student and two others face hand amputation

A PhD student, who had committed robbery with two of his friends, faces a punishment of hand amputation, according to the Hamshahri state-run Daily, October 25, 2017.
At the trial, the first suspect who was a PhD student in architecture before his arrest said that he had only participated in two robberies.
“At that time, despite being a PhD student, I was not in a good financial situation and I was forced to steal. I did not go into any homes in the robberies and only stood guard outside the door”, he said.
“I had just gotten out of prison a few months before these robberies but because I did not have a job, I stole again and got arrested again”, the second suspect said.
“Me and the second suspect got to know each other in the army and after some time, since we did not have jobs, we thought about stealing”, the third suspect said.
The judges will soon announce their verdict.

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