Intelligence agency cracks down on Arab-Iranian families in Ahwaz

Iranian-Arab Ahwaz

A number of families in the Koy region in Ahwaz were arrested by the Intelligence Agency.

According to human rights sources, the arrests, which were made without arrest warrants, took place on Wednesday March 14.

The Ministry of Intelligence has transferred the detainees to an unknown location. More than 15 people, three of whom are women, were arrested.

Human Rights activist Karim Dahimi said that Ahwaz Intelligence Agency agents raided the homes of the detainees on Wednesday, searching their homes and confiscating cellphones and some of their other belongings.

“Human rights activists in Iran have said that the identities of three of the detainees have been determined. They have been identified as Maryam Zobeidi, 51 and her sons, Benyamin Albughobeish, 28 and Mohammad-Ali Albughobeish, 25”, he added.

According to the human rights activist, their charges and whereabouts are still unknown.