Political prisoner on 35th day of hunger strike in protest to fresh air, visits, and telephone ban

Arzhang Davoudi

A political prisoner forced to serve his prison term in the Central Zahedan Prison who is on his 34th day of hunger strike wrote a letter from prison detailing the reason behind the strike.

Arjang Davoudi, who has been in quarantine during this time, has been banned from fresh air, visits, telephone calls and a healthy diet needed for his ailments.

The letter reads in part: “It has been 34 days that I have been on a hunger strike only because I want a bit of air and sunshine which I have been inhumanely deprived of since July 26, 2017 in Zabol and Zahedan prisons. This shameless and prolonged harassment, in addition to exacerbating my heart disease and diabetes, has affected my eyesight.

Since January 18, after being transferred to Zahedan Prison once again, I became very ill because I was being kept in a small solitary cell in the quarantine and I have been banned from visits, making telephones, and communicating with other prisoners. I have been banned from fresh air, walking, reading books, television, providing my required medicine and food suitable for my ailments.”