Two death sentences issued in one day in Ramadan

Only in one day, the Government Medias have published the announcement of two death sentences that has been issued. Shargh Government Newspaper stated on June 3, 2018 that a young boy named Maziar has been sentenced to death on charges of killing another young person.

He was sentenced to death while he explained the story that I didn’t know how it happened as I just hit the person, and I didn’t know it would cause the death of the opponent. According to Shargh Newspaper, at the end of the trial, in the judiciary council, Maziar was sentenced to retaliation. (Death)

In another case, a young boy was sentenced to death of being accused in murdering a motorcycle driver who was driving fast.

Rokna State-run Website reported on June 3, 2018 that a 32-year-old boy named Farid was found guilty and arrested following a clash in North Dilman Street in Tehran. Farid was charged with murder and was sentenced to death in the trial for that purpose.

It is worth noting that the Chief Justice of Tehran, Gholam Hossein Ismaili, had recently said: “There is no legal prohibition to impose any sentences in Ramadan, but sometimes some matters will be considered as of concerns.” He also assumed on how to investigate the cases of 20 new arrests related to the environmental situation by saying that the documents related to the defendants in provision of legal regulations are dealt at one place. (The state-run Mehr news agency- June 1, 2018)

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