Police arrest more than a dozen amid general strike sweeping Kurdish provinces

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In an effort to prevent Wednesday’s general strike from spreading to further cities, Iranian authorities arrested more than a dozen of Kurdish civil activists on charge of “disturbing the public order.”
One of the activists, Mokhtar Zareie, had published a video on Tueseday, asking the public to join the strike by staying at homes on Wednesday. “The death and execution machine must be stopped, this is possible only with national solidarity,” he said.
The names of 25 people arrested in the general strike in different cities of Kurdistan are as follows:
Aram Fathi, Souran Daneshvar, Moslem Ebrahimi, Dalir Roshan, Mohammad Azkat, Ahmad Tabireh, Noushirvan Khoshnazar, Ahsan Amani, Arman Amani.

Khaled Hosseini, Mokhtar Zareie, Khedr Dolati, Siamand Dolati, Mousa Azari.

Bagher Safari

Jafar Rasoulpour, Bahman Dandansaz, Mohammad Leilaneie, Mohammad Amini, Vafa, Mohammad.

Diakou Baghbani

On Saturday, the Iranian regime carried out the execution of Kurdish political prisoners Ramin Hossein Panahi, Loghman Moradi, and Zaniar Moradi despite international calls to halt them. The prisoners had been severely tortured and were sentenced to death based on forced confessions. On the same day, the Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guards carried out a massive missile attack against the headquarters of Kurdish groups, killing more than a dozen people and wounding many more.
The executions and attacks triggered international condemnation and protests. On Sunday, activists called for a widespread strike to begin on the following days.
On Wednesday, merchants in at least 13 cities of Iran’s western provinces have gone on strike in protest to the execution of three Kurdish political prisoners and attacks against Kurdish groups earlier this week. Videos and pictures obtained from the cities of Mahabad, Sanandaj, Baneh, Kermanshah, Orumiyeh, Piranshahr, Bukan, Marivan, Oshnavieh, Saqqez, Gukan Tapeh, Kamiaran, and Paveh show shops and stores are closed and retailers refuse to open for business.