Teacher and civil activist arrested in Mashhad

Abbas Vahedian

Abbas Vahedian, a teacher and civil activist in Mashhad, northeast Iran, has been arrested after a group of intelligence agents raided his home early Thursday morning.
According to an informed source, as an activist, Abbas Vahedian had taken part in human rights activities and supported families of prisoners.
Some activists believe authorities are taking such measures to prevent teachers from launching a strike. There is no news on his whereabouts and the reason of his arrest.
At least four teachers are currently behind bars in Iranian prisons for engaging in peaceful activities and exercising their human rights. They include, Esmail Abdi, Mahmoud Beheshti Langroudi, Rouhollah Mardani and Mohammad Habibi. 

Marking the World Teachers’ Day on October 10, a group of academic activists held a gathering to bring attention to the plight of jailed Iranian teachers on World Teachers’ Day. A video circulating on social media shows a female teacher holding up a sign with “Esmail Abdi must be released” written in bold letters on it. Other protesters can be seen around her holding up images of other jailed Iranian teachers.