persecutions of Baha’is have continued throughout the recent week and there are previously reported cases of arrests, expelling from universities and prison sentences.
Iranian intelligence agents on April 22nd confiscated houses of four members of Iran’s Baha’i community and detained two others. Parvin Afshar, Nikan Akhavan, Farideh Abdi and Moradi family were also interrogated in late-night.
Twin Baha’i brother and sister, Shakib and Shima Mohammadalipour, were expelled from their universities due to their religion.
Another Baha’i named Adib Haghju who was arrested on April 19th transferred to a ministry of the intelligent detention center in Bandarabbas, southern Iran.
In yet another case Shayan Tafazoli, Sina Aghdas Zadeh and Khashayar Tafazolio were informed about their prison sentences.
The trial session chaired by judge Mansouri was held in last February in which they were charged on grounds of their religion and sentenced to one year behind bars each, for “propaganda against the establishment.” The three once were arrested on July 11, 2012, and later released on bail.