Iran: Labor activist on hunger strike faces deteriorated physical condition

Reza Shahabi

Reza Shahabi’s physical condition has deteriorated since the 16th day of his hunger strike protesting against the inhumane detention conditions in Iranian prisons.
The labor rights activist was on medical furlough but Tehran’s prosecutor-general refused to extend his parole. Shahabi was forced to return to Rajaii Shahr prison in, where he found out that the duration of his medical furlough has been counted as illegal absence and unlicensed leave. Therefore, he was sentenced to stay behind bars for another 968 days.
In a statement published on August 12, UWTSBC condemned Shahabi’s extended prison term.
“The prosecutor’s assertion that Shahabi must spend five more months to complete his six-year prison term is unfounded because after he returned to prison he saw a letter from the judiciary which stated that his sentence terminated on September 9, 2015,” the statement reads in part.
In February 2012, after 22 months being kept in limbo, Shahabi was sentenced to six years behind bars, five years of deprivation of union and social activities and paying fine on charges of ““assembly and collusion,” “measures threatening national security” and “propaganda against the establishment.”


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