Iran: Detained Mother and son under pressure for forced confessions

Kianoush Abbaszadeh

According to reports, detained Dervish Kianoush Abbaszadeh was once again transferred to the Shapour Police Station.

In the past few days, intelligence agents of the Revolutionary Guards Corps have mentally tortured his mother, Dr. Nazila Nouri, who is detained in Qarchak Prison along with a number of other female Dervishes. She has been repeatedly informed of the bogus confessions that her son has made, being threatened that both of them will face heavy sentences. Agents are trying to force her into making false confessions.

Before this, Kianoush Abbaszadeh’s family had no information on his condition in Shapour Police Station or Evin Prison’s Section 209 and only knew that the 21-year-old Dervish was being interrogated for days, tortured to make false confessions and that his life was in danger.