Iran: Protesters in Tabriz sentenced to hefty prison terms


According to credible reports from Tabriz Prison, four detained protesters in Tabriz who were detained in the December/January protests were sentenced to hefty prison terms. According to this report, one of them was even sentenced to death. The sentences were issued by the 2nd Branch of the Tabriz Revolutionary Court.

The names and sentences of the protesters are as follows:

  1. Roya Saghirzadeh, 24 years old sentenced to 18 months of prison. She is currently in quarantine in the Central Tabriz Prison.
  2. Nariman Delidokht, 23, sentenced to 18 months of prison and is currently detained in quarantine in the Central Tabriz Prison.
  3. Hamidreza Noroddin detained in quarantine in an undetermined state.
  4. Mohammad Shetabifar, 23, who has been reportedly sentenced to death. He is currently detained in the minors’ section in this prison.

Ongoing investigation into this report is being carried out and more information will be given as soon as possible. Notably, all the protesters were denied the right to a lawyer in court.