Death of a prisoner in Saravan Prison due to electric shock

Abdul Hameed Naghibi

A 25-year-old Baluch prisoner, identified as Abdul Hameed Naghibi died in Saravan Prison due to electric shock. He was arrested for drug-related crimes and imprisoned for 5 years in Saravan Prison. An informed source said: “Abdul Hameed Naghibi had repeatedly told Iraj Nourbakhsh, the Head of Saravan Prison, that the prison’s carwash has electricity problems and should be fixed. But each time he was dismissed and neglected until May 26, 2018, when he got shocked by the electricity and lost his life”. He added: “Iraj Nourbakhsh the Head of the Prison has told the defendant’s family that your son lost his life for using drugs. This aggravated the family and they transferred the body to Zahedan’s forensic physician and they were told by the physician that the body had no signs of drug usage.”