Zahedan Prisoner Osman Falazehi Denied Medical Care

prisoner denied medical access

A prisoner identified as Osman Falazehi, 60, who is detained in section 4 of Zahedan’s central prison, has reportedly been denied medical care for more than two months.

Osman Falazehi was reportedly arrested two months ago on charges related to the participation in a group clash with security forces that occurred two decades ago. He was severely beaten and tortured on arrest in a detention center operated by the security police. Despite the poor state of his health, he was transferred to Zahedan’s central prison where he is being denied medical care.

Osman Falazehi was first held in a detention center operated by the Intelligence department. Twelve days ago he was sent to section 6 of Zahedan’s central prison and subsequently to section 4. Osman Falazehi has yet to receive a day in court.

According to a source close to Osman, the prisoner’s brother was arrested twenty years ago in Iranshahr on drug charges. The arrest led to clashes in which dozens of security officials were killed and the arrestee was able to flee. Osman Falazehi was reportedly not there on that day and he was able to prove his innocence after he went to the Intelligence offices.

Now, after twenty years, Osman Falazehi was arrested in connection to his alleged role in the clash, the source said. According to the source, Mr Falazehi’s brother is an influential man in the region and Osman Falazehi was reportedly arrested to place pressure on his brother, the source said.