Iran intimidates striking truckers; arrests dozens

Iran truckers on strike

As the new round of truckers’ strike in Iran entered its 5th day on September 27, state media are reporting that dozens of truckers have been arrested by the State Security Forces.
The state-run IRNA news agency quoted the Social Deputy of Fars Province’s State Security Forces as saying that 22 truckers had been arrested in the province.

Kavous Mohammadi said that 22 drivers who “disrupted security and order of the roads,” were arrested and taken to prison.
He vowed to put the roads under surveillance and decisively deal with the “offenders who disrupt public order.”
The Qazvin Prosecutor also announced the arrest of 15 truck drivers. He claimed that the detained drivers caused “disorder” by blocking the roads.
“Certainly, those who harm people’s lives by blocking the roads and preventing commute, would be considered as offenders according to the law and will be decisively dealt with”, Sadegh Niaraki added threatening truckers.

Other reports from state run media show that another 11 truckers were detained in East Azerbaijan Province, while seven others were detained in Alborz Province, charged with disrupting order.
Iranian truck drivers angered about low salaries and skyrocketing spare parts prices have launched a new round of strikes in more than 200 cities throughout all of Iran’s 31 provinces.
The drivers continued their strike despite regime authorities resorting to various threats and broken promises in an attempt to prevent them from protesting.
The Iranian regime even hired operatives to force the drivers into loading their trucks. This initiative also failed.
Drivers have even set up their own checkpoints to control the roads at nights and prevent the government from pursuing its own conspiracies and threats.