Detained Haft Tapeh Sugarcane Worker taken to hospital due to heart problems

Ali Nejati, a member of the Haft Tappeh Workers Management Board of Directors, was taken to the hospital due to his deteriorating health in prison, a telegram channel set up by a worker’s union reported.

Haft Tappeh Sugarcane Workers Syndicate said that Ali Nejati, had been under interrogations and subjected to pressure.

Meanwhile, the judiciary’s news agency Mizan Online denied That Mr. Nejati had been taken to a hospital, claiming he is in good health and has access to medical treatment.

But labor activists said that Nejati was taken to Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Baghaei Hospital yesterday due to the deterioration of his health and heart complications.

Ali Nejati, the former president of the syndicate of Haft Tapeh workers was arrested was arrested on November 29 after police raided his home.

Authorities had no arrest warrant and severely beat Nejati and his family members when they asked for a court order, according to Iranian labor sources.

Mr. Nejati is suffering from various ailments including heart problems and a prolonged detention can have dire health consequences and might even endanger his life.

The workers’ syndicate said it considered judicial and security authorities to be “directly responsible” for for any damege inflicted on Mr. Nejati.

It also called on all Haft Tappeh workers, Iranian worker unions, and all related institutions to campaign for the release of Ali Nejati and Ms. Sepideh Gholian who was arrested for “expressing solidarity with the families of the protesting workers.”

In another statement issued on December 12, Haft Tappeh Sugarcane Workers Syndicate announced the release of Esmail Bakhshi, a workers’ representative of Haft Tappeh.

The release of Esmail Bakhshi followed a wave of protest rallies by workers, college students and people from all walks of life across Iran who were seen chanting for the release of jailed workers.

The Iranian Teachers Organizations Coordination Council also issued a statement on December 4 expressing solidarity with the protesting sugar mill workers and condemning the abuse of detainees.

“We emphasize that workers, students and teachers have different demands depending on their field but that they also have common ones such as the right to earn a living above the poverty line, to demand an end to privatization efforts, the release of trade union activists, formation of independent organizations as well as universal free quality education.”

Trades Union Congress (TUC), a British trade union federation called yesterday for the immediate release of labor activist in a tweet.

“Although our brother Esmail Bakhshi a Haft Tappeh Sugarcane worker was released from Iranian prison yesterday on a heavy bail.

The TUC still demands Iranian authorities immediately release & drops charges on Ali Najati, Sepideh Gholian & all imprisoned workers in Iran,” TUC tweeted.

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