Authorities torturing political prisoner by denying him medical treatment

Political prisoner Soheil Arabi

The life of political prisoner Soheil Arabi is in danger due to bleeding from a broken nose and he is currently held in harsh conditions at the Great Tehran Penitentiary (GTP).

Authorities are torturing Arabi by depriving him of medical treatment and surgery for months now.

He was beaten during interrogations at ward 2A, controlled by IRGC. As a result of beatings he suffered a seIt is worth noting that Haj Moradi, warden of the Greater Tehran Prison, issued orders back in June of last year to have political prisoner Sohail Arabi transferred to ward 2A of the notorious Evin Prison in the country’s capital, Tehran.

This ward is under the direct control of the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) and Arabi was placed under constant interrogation. The interrogators placed this political prisoner under torture and he suffered a broken nose that he has been forced to bear ever since.

Soheil Arabi was initially taken to Khomeini hospital to undergo a surgery. But when he fainted due to severe pain, an agent beat him up again, accusing him of malingering.

Subsequently he was returned to GTP and taken to a quarantine ward without receiving any medical treatment.

Soheil Arabi was sentenced to three more years behind bars increasing his total term to 10 years for engaging in peaceful activism inside the Great Tehran Penitentiary (GTP) where he is being held.

Located in Tehran Province’s Fashafouyeh district, 20 miles southeast of Tehran, and built in 2015 primarily for holding inmates convicted of drug-related offenses, Iran’s judiciary has also used the GTP to incarcerate dissidents and anti-state protesters convicted of politically motivated charges.

Arabi was transferred to the GTP from Evin Prison in Tehran which has a separate wing for political prisoners to keep them safe from violent offenders, on January 29, 2018.