Two killed, Four Wounded as Regime Air Force Guards Attack Protesters

Air Force Guards Attack Protesters

At least two people were killed, and four others wounded after an army air force in the northern Mazendran province opened fire on locals protesting attempts to confiscate their lands.

The Fars news agency, affiliated to the regime’s terrorist-designated Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) quoted local sources as saying that the clash started over a dispute about land ownership in the Mahmoud Abad region.

“This attack took place when soldiers intended to install a fence around an airstrip inside the base. However, protesters began throwing stones, sticks, and chains at them. The armed guards responded by opening fire, resulting in two deaths and a number of others being wounded and some apprehended,” Fars reported, describing the protesters as “hired” and “hoodlums.”

A deputy of Mazanderan’s governor has told Fars that “There is tension in the region. The airbase security unit opened fire, leaving two people killed and four wounded. After this incident, the city council held a session followed by a similar meeting of the provincial council,” said the deputy governor of Mazandaran Province, claiming this subject was not related to the confiscation of lands.

The state-run IRNA news agency reported that security forces at the base opened fire on the people and government employees who were trying to enforce a court decision over the ownership issue.

IRNA sayid a court in Mazanderan had ruled that lands occupied by the air force around a village should be vacated in favor of the residents in the area.