The Former Political Prisoner Condemned the Abduction of Ali Moezzi

The former political prisoner, Ali Akbar Nikbakht who was also imprisoned and been tortured in the prison, condemned the abduction of the political prisoner, Ali Moezzi.

In his letter, Ali Akbar Nikbakht mentions tortures and punishments inflicted on the political prisoners and in part of his letter, he referred to the abduction of the political prisoner, Ali Moezzi who is the father of two PMOI members. Nikbakht said:”the political prisoner Ali Moezzi was abducted in the visiting room of prison and taken to an unknown place. They may have done something to him as they did to the 33 thousands of political prisoners in 1988.It is surprising that the so-called clerics who should be the defenders of the oppressed and stand up against the oppression have become silent. I praise the political prisoner Mehdi Farahi who was crying out “Death to Khamenei” while being tortured. Our people do not really know who behind all these pressures and tortures is.”

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